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Some people don’t like to talk about money, but I do. I like to talk about money, our relationship to it, and how money can help us achieve our dreams with a little planning.

I offer engaging, educational presentations aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals who want to take their careers and finances to the next level. 

Below are some sample talks, but I can also create customized content for your group. Please reach out using the link below.


Presentation Options

Cultivating Confidence:

Money Management for Strong Women Leaders

Do you ever get overwhelmed with your finances?   It’s common for it to be a source of stress or frustration for many women who have lots of competing personal and professional priorities. Much of what we need to know about our finances is never taught in schools.  But you can take action to learn more.  Join money guru, Cady North for a discussion about how to be more effective and confident managing your money.

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This class will teach you how to think strategically about your priorities in order to center your personal and financial goals on those values. You’ll also create a “mind map” of your finances to visualize your goals and quantify what you own and what you owe. Finally, you’ll master tips and tricks to help you cultivate confidence.  Bring your questions!

How to Start a Small Business Without Ruining Your Life:

Advice from a Financial Advisor

Have you ever had a really great business brainstorming session that abruptly ended when you said to yourself, “This feels really risky, what if I don’t get any clients? How will I support myself?”   Any new business venture is going to carry some risk, but you can mitigate some of it by making sure you’re on a good financial footing before you start.  

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In this class we will work through some basic steps such as focusing on providing customer value, building up emergency savings, and developing some financial goals and expense tracking habits will help you build confidence and move closer to firing your boss and doing what you’re most passionate about.

Moving from Risky to Ready:

Investing Guidelines for Women

Women are generally good at their finances. In particular, women are rockstars at paying their bills on time and are usually decent at budgeting. More and more women are becoming financial gatekeepers for their families. Do you know what else women are generally very good at?  Investing!   But only when they know how.  

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Drop the “I Know I Should” excuse, and take some time to learn the difference between terms like 401(K) and IRA, risk versus return, asset allocation and asset class.  You’ll come away with a stronger foundation to help you feel more confident and prepared to manage your retirement and investments.

Return on Investment:

How to Figure out if Graduate School is Right For You

The cost of education keeps rising.  Is it worth it to get a second degree?  Many young professionals find themselves with student debt that prevents them from focusing on planning for other major life changes or saving for retirement. It’s important to find balance so that you don’t get to a place where you have to put all your budget toward debt repayment.

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In this class you will learn more about when taking on debt for graduate school makes sense and a framework for calculating return on investment.  We’ll also discuss strategies for paying down student debt as a part of your total financial picture and how to balance saving for other financial goals such as retirement, travel, or a home purchase

Create a Custom Program:

Tailor a discussion to your unique audience needs

We can create content based on a topic you choose, or modify one of our presentation options to suit your needs. We have experience tailoring presentations for group sizes of 4 to 400. We often incorporate customized clarity exercises or interactive worksheets to help draw out what’s most important to the audience. Of course, this won’t be about product sales, it’s about helping the audience learn areas where they may be strong or weak and providing actionable take-aways and tips. 

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