Business Planning Services

You want to make sure your business endeavor is financially sustainable and give it the best chance of success.  We do too, and we have the expertise to help you get there. 

I am passionate about helping women launch their businesses.

I help budding entrepreneurs design a business that will be successful and offer flexibility and freedom. We’ll work together to maximize your chance of success

I am a small business owner, so I know what you are facing.

I used to work for large financial services companies but started my own business several years ago. I fully understand the challenges and pressures of being a successful business owner.

The details

As someone who wants to become a business owner or already has a business, you’ve got a ton of things to think through and many decisions to make. One of your goals should be to make sure your endeavor is financially sustainable. We know you specialize in whatever product or service you provide, so let us help you with your financial strategy.

To give your business the best chance of success, you need to make sure your personal finances are rock solid, you plan for uneven revenue, and replace benefits you used to get at work. To make sure you’re not forgetting anything, check out this timeline for launching a business to help get you financially ready to start or grow your business.  We provide a customized suite of services to take you to the next level with your business financially.

What’s included?

We assist where you need the most help. Here are some examples of what we can provide:

  1. A multi-year business budget to help guide your strategic spending decisions
  2. Help you decide when, how much, and how often to pay yourself
  3. Help you figure out how to integrate business and personal finances
  4. Help you figure out how much cash you should keep on hand
  5. Help you set up systems to keep your business and personal expenses separate
  6. A review of business costs and recommendations for cost cutting, if necessary
  7. A review of capital raising options, current debts and/or a debt repayment strategy
  8. A review of income sources and expenses and recommendations to expand/improve, if necessary
  9. Suggested key performance indicators (KPIs) as data points you can review regularly to understand the health of the business
  10. Business plan template and pro forma financial statements to include in the business plan
  11. Discussion/coordination with your other consultants as needed, such as lawyer, bookkeeper or CPA or introduction to these professionals if you don’t have them.
  12. Discussion/recommendations on benefits planning for the business (insurance, retirement, etc.)
  13. Discussion/recommendations on business structure
  14. Meetings to review findings, recommendations, and action items

What’s not included?

This service doesn’t include bookkeeping, tax preparation or calculation of quarterly tax payments or sales tax. However, I can recommend a CPA or bookkeeper to help with that.

Who’s this for?

  • Those looking to make the leap from full time work or part time entrepreneurship into full-time entrepreneurship and who have an idea about what service/product to provide
  • Those who have established business but are looking to improve profitability, grow and ensure a sustainable future
  • Those who want to work with someone who understands behavioral finance as well as the delicate integration of business and personal finances when you own your own business.

What’s the cost?

Fees for business planning will be quoted based on complexity. They range between $12,000 and $25,000 per year. When we discuss your fee estimate we will provide a suggested payment plan.

To learn more, and to receive a more detailed cost estimate, book a free consultation here:

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