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North Financial Advisors is a boutique, fee-only financial planning firm that specializes in helping women and entrepreneurs dream big and embrace the financial freedom we all deserve.


Meet Cady North, CFP®

Founder and CEO

Once many women achieve a degree of professional and financial success, we often wonder what’s next.  Let’s sit down and talk about that. Do you want to start a business? Do you want to retire early? Take a sabbatical? Let’s plan how your finances can support those dreams.   Read more about Cady >>

Proud to be a fee-only fiduciary

Fee-only means that you pay for my expertise, guidance and support, not for commissions or sales. All of my fees are transparent and defined upfront.  I don’t receive any kickbacks for products or recommendations, so you will never have to sit through sales presentations when working with me. When I provide advice, it’s because I think it’s a good fit to help you achieve your goals. Here’s my fiduciary oath.

How we work together:

 Getting Organized
Goal Setting and Planning For Life Changes
 Investing that Aligns with Your Goals and Values

Insurance, Estate and Tax Planning
Strategic Business Management
Starting Your Own Business

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Cady North Joins the “Corporate Hostage, No More!” Podcast

Cady North Joins the “Corporate Hostage, No More!” Podcast

Cady North has linked up with Janet Tyler Johnson to co-host the Corporate Hostage, No More Podcast.  Corporate Hostage, No More! is for successful women professionals who feel like “corporate hostages” and want to escape and build businesses that nurture their souls. Subscribe today!

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How to Take A Sabbatical

Corporate life can be challenging. If you’re burnt out at work and struggling to figure out what your next steps will be, sometimes it’s best to take a pause. Thinking through your goals and good financial planning can help you successfully take a necessary break from work, also known as a sabbatical. Learn from my experience on some steps you can take today that will help make your sabbatical a successful experience.

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How Much Should You Donate To Charity?

How Much Should You Donate To Charity?

Many of us are charitably inclined and take pride in giving monthly or annually to charities. But have you ever thought about what percentage of income you are donating and why? Have you ever thought about aligning your charitable giving strategy with your overall budget and financial priorities?  Here are some ideas for how to figure out how much to give and how giving can actually impact your happiness levels.

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