Investment Management Services

Bridge into the Possible

Most people believe you have to have millions of dollars in order to hire a financial advisor to help you with your investments.  The way I structure my services, I’m able to help people who don’t have significant assets but are serious about working toward their goals.  

I want to make sure you can flourish, thrive and have what’s important to you both now and in the future.  

Investing can speed up the process of achieving long-term goals.  When done right, investing is also a tool to help build protection and resilience.  We have to find a balance that works for you because uncertainty is real.  We create a safe environment for clients to learn, execute and get great results.


Maximize the Potential of Your Resources

Sometimes we don’t know what we will want in the future, or ideas about what we want can change over time.  Having a saving and investment plan will ensure you have the resources for when you do have more clarity.  My philosophy is all about letting you enjoy today. We work together to create a mindful spending plan, building resilience to weather storms, and fund financial freedom for choices down the road.


Possibilities, Opportunities and Choices

We all want choices and opportunities in life.  Let’s work together to figure out all the possibilities!  For example, a smart investing plan could help you:

  • Change career paths 
  • Pursue something new
  • Take a sabbatical
  • Retire early
  • Start a business

Build Resilience

In my experience, the idea of investing can create doubt, fear and worry for a lot of us. For starters, it can take a ton of time to keep up with rebalancing and reinvesting new cash, dividends, and interest on your own even if you’ve had some experience doing this in your investment accounts in the past.  Throw in a little market volatility, thinking about tax implications, or a major life change and it can get overwhelming.  All the mental energy spent trying to discern helpful and hurtful news and research could be spent on your day job and your family.  We want to give you clarity and time savings.    

We’ll help you know for certain the right mix between saving cash and investing, resulting in less anxiety and more energy for the things you love in life.  We will work to create a path for you that addresses your immediate needs, goals, and wants.  Plus we will always advocate for your future needs and wants as well. 


What’s the Cost?

The fee for investment management is 1% of assets per year. This fee is paid in quarterly installments at the end of each quarter based on the average balance of the accounts managed by North Financial during that quarter.  The minimum quarterly fee is $2,000, and includes our full suite of comprehensive financial planning services.



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