it was great until it wasn’t.

Corporate life, am I right? We spend time getting the degree, landing the job, earning the salary and climbing the ladder. But what happens when achieving these goals didn’t make us happy?

Where’s the guidebook for the woman who achieved what she thought she wanted?

I’ve been there and I know a lot of people who’ve been there too. That’s why I created this 6-part video series for the woman who is proud of her past and wants to take even more control over her future.

Ready to get started?

What you can expect.

Tips and tools to gain clarity around your money

Reflective exercises to help you create something new for your life or your career

A proven strategy for navigating difficult decisions…and more!

About Cady.

My parents were small business owners, and I learned to balance a business checkbook by the age of 13. I spent more than a decade advising high-level executives of Fortune 500 companies while working for industry giants such as Bloomberg and Financial Executives International.

I then took the leap to start my own business helping women and entrepreneurs plan for their futures.

With offices in both Washington D.C. and San Diego, I am available to meet with you if you live in either region. I also work via virtual screen sharing and video conference so we can work together no matter where you live..


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