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Dream Big

  • Make sure you have enough to retire early or start your business
  • Payoff debts and create a savings plan to stick to
  • Set goals for savings, big purchases or investing

Find Financial Freedom

  • Save time and get smarter about your finances
  • Stop worrying and start following easy tips for saving or investing
  • Understand what your retirement funds are invested in and whether you’re saving enough

Navigate Life Changes

  • Budget properly and take advantage of all the benefits offered at a new job
  • Get on the right financial footing to start your own business
  • Evaluate financial changes related to marriage and children

About Us

North Financial is boutique financial planning firm based in Washington, DC that serves clients virtually. We specialize in providing effective and affordable fee-only advice to women and entrepreneurs. We focus on the big questions like what would it take for me to save enough to leave my job?  What types of insurance and retirement issues should I look into now that I’m self-employed? We dive into your goals and values related to money and provide a comprehensive financial plan to get there.


Cady North CFP®

Cady North CFP®

Founder | CEO

“Whether you like it or not, you’re the chief decision maker for your financial life. Unfortunately, managing finances and sorting through the massive amounts of financial information out there takes a lot of time.  Throw in a big life change and finances can start to be overwhelming.  Working with a financial advisor makes sense because you’ll always have an expert to tap into to help you plan, make the right decisions and ensure you stay on track.”   More about Cady >>

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What is the Financial Planning Process All About?

Financial planning is more than just investing or retirement planning. Even if you’re good at dollars and cents, you could probably still benefit from thinking through some new financial planning strategies. Here’s some information about what the financial planning process is all about.

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How to Reward Yourself With Your Tax Refund

During this time of year all sorts of new and unexpected funds come our way. It’s tax season and it’s performance review season so no matter your situation you’re probably expecting some sort of cash infusion soon. Given that, I’ve been getting these questions a lot lately — what should I do first? Spend? Save? Pay down debts? How much? This article tackles how to rock your decision making process and make sure you save enough toward your goals.

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How to Avoid Paycheck Creep (Yes, That’s a Thing)

How to Avoid Paycheck Creep (Yes, That’s a Thing)

How often have you found that you’ve already spent your annual raise without even thinking about it? It’s so common that most of the time we don’t even have to think about it, it just happens, and that’s the problem. I call this phenomenon paycheck creep, and it’s preventable with a little planning at the beginning of the year.

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