Investment Management Services

This is about full-service outsourcing of your investments so you can focus on your life and your career.  You will review and approve the strategy and we will implement it. We’re completely transparent so you will always know how your investments are doing.  

It can take a ton of time to keep up with rebalancing and reinvesting new cash, dividends, and interest on your own even if you’ve had some experience doing this in your investment accounts in the past.  Throw in a little market volatility, thinking about tax implications, or a major life change and it can get overwhelming.  All the mental energy spent trying to discern helpful and hurtful news and research could be spent on your day job and your family.  If this resonates with you, think about our investment management services with integrated behavioral coaching to help keep you on track with your goals.

What’s our investment philosophy?

We believe in buy-and-hold, passive index investing and create portfolios that essentially match the overall market mix. Timing the market costs too much and yields too little. Buy and hold doesn’t mean never touch.  In order to remain diversified with the proper asset allocation you must monitor investments for opportunities to rebalance, manage taxes and locate assets in the right accounts so it can give you the best chance of success.    If you are paying for investment management, you should be getting services.  That’s why we also seek to cut expense ratio fees down to a minimum so that you’re only paying for what’s of most value.   We believe it is these factors, not market timing, which determine market performance in the long-run (and this is backed by research).  

We don’t trade hot stock tips.  We focus on whether your portfolio’s asset mix is appropriate for your goals.  We focus on reviewing progress toward those goals.  We anticipate market downturns and make sure these risks are included in your financial plan so that you are able to stay invested through market ups and downs.  We focus on checking in with you periodically to make sure your investment approach still matches your needs and values. And we give you access to cutting edge automation tools to make sure human choice doesn’t get in the way of making good decisions. 

It’s easy to get caught up in financial news or strategies which take you away from your broader financial goals. So we work to keep you focused and on track. We make sure our clients put their hard-earned savings to work for them in the right way, with the right types of accounts, and ensure they don’t leave money on the table.

What’s included?

  1. An investment plan for your accounts to help you understand the investment mix, strategy and how it aligns with your goals
  2. Assistance with planning when and how much to invest, and in what type of account based on your goals and needs
  3. Assistance with opening the right accounts, rolling over funds, and utilizing the correct strategies for those accounts
  4. Selection and execution of investment and retirement recommendations and asset allocations after jointly determining what’s appropriate for you
  5. Meetings to review your goals, portfolio, and performance
  6. Outsource time and headache of researching and executing portfolio management
  7. Access to fully diversified portfolios
  8. Access to low cost and low expense ratio investments.
  9. Tax-efficient placement of investments
  10. Strategic tax loss harvesting
  11. Rebalancing to make sure your investments stay on track
  12. Reinvestment of dividends and interest so you don’t have to take time to execute transactions

 What’s not included?


This service doesn’t include financial planning services unless more than $550,000 is managed by North Financial. Otherwise, financial planning services are charged separately. We do not execute transactions in your current employer’s retirement plan, we can provide a suggestion and asset allocation and walk you through how to change your investments in this type of account.


Who’s this for?


  • Busy professionals who don’t have time to manage their investments or rebalancing strategies
  • Those who are saving and adding to their investments regularly
  • The cost conscious who want to make sure they have access to low expense ratio funds
  • Investors who understand behavioral bias and want to avoid making human errors in investing
  • Those who want to work with a fee-only fiduciary who will act in their best interest and provide financial planning assistance as well as investment management

What’s the cost?

The fee for investment management is 1% of assets per year. This fee is paid in quarterly installments at the end of each quarter based on the average balance of the accounts managed by North Financial during that quarter.  The only other fees you’re responsible for are the expense ratios of the underlying portfolio which will be kept to a minimum with the use of low-cost funds such as those provided by Vanguard and Schwab.

If assets managed by North Financial are more than $550,000, we include annual comprehensive financial planning as part of this fee.  If assets managed by North Financial are less than $550,000, we require you to pay for financial planning services separately.

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