Hi! My name is Cady North and I’m passionate about personal finance, investing, and finding the right work-life balance. I help women and entrepreneurs dream big, find financial freedom and navigate life challenges as a fee-only financial planner. Working with me, my clients get a better handle on their finances, save time, and have access to advice tailored to their own unique needs.

My clients are successful in their day jobs, ambitious, and maybe want to start a business of their own one day. However, with their busy personal and professional lives, they don’t have the time to wade through mountains of news and information to figure out what to do about their budget, investing and retirement planning. I know finances can become even more overwhelming when there’s a big life change like getting married, negotiating benefits and salary at a new job, or starting a business.

But managing your finances doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming.

When you work with North Financial Advisors, you’ll always have an expert to help you plan, make good financial decisions and stay on track. You can even offload a lot of the day to day management, saving you a ton of time. Let us serve as your own personal financial operations manager.

I know that some of you may have encountered advisors through banks or other types of brokers who wouldn’t work with you because they have asset minimums of $1 million+. I’m building a firm that welcomes anyone, regardless of how much money they have to invest. I also make it affordable. Instead of charging large fees upfront or hiding them through commissions, I break up the cost of working with me so that you pay on a monthly basis. I have a fiduciary duty to all my clients, which means I have your best interests in mind when giving advice and recommendations.

I can bring you peace of mind by setting up a customized financial plan tailored to your dreams and desires, and provide you with ongoing accountability and support. Together we’ll make sure you have financial freedom now as well as in the future.

Here are some common client concerns I hear about. Is any of this familiar to you?

Common Client Concerns North Financial Advisors Solution
I don’t know if I have enough to retire early Book some time and together, we can review your current assets, liabilities and time horizon for retirement. Even if you don’t think retiring early is in the cards for you, we can review the goals you have for yourself and look at what it would take to meet them.
I’m smart about saving, but I don’t know where to park my money or how to invest. Let’s sit down and look at an asset allocation strategy that makes sense for your time horizon and risk tolerance. At North Financial Advisors, we believe in buy and hold investing because timing the market costs too much and yields too little. Diversification, low expense ratios and smart tax and rebalancing strategies are critical to effective portfolio management.
I’ve talked to my banker, but they won’t help me because I don’t have enough money North Financial Advisors doesn’t have asset minimums. We’re a fee-only financial planning firm that provides ongoing advice and support wherever you are in your financial life.
I don’t have anyone I can ask random financial questions With our ongoing support model you’ll be able to contact us via email with any questions that come up.  That way if you start a new job and want to review the benefits, get married, or have some other life change, you can feel comfortable reaching out for advice. Plus, we can meet virtually or in person a few times a year to check in, even if there haven’t been any major changes.
I’m starting my own business and I want help planning for it financially You’ve come to the right place. Cady has extensive training and experience developing business ideas and marketing strategies and is a big fan of the lean startup movement. We can review your current finances and business plan to see where you can optimize financing decisions and ensure that you can support yourself during the startup phase.
I have savings and I’m not sure whether it’s time to buy a house or start investing for some other purpose We can conduct a buy vs. rent analysis and also prepare a comprehensive review of your financial life so that we can understand what’s most important to you and help prioritize your goals and dreams.
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