Happy Holidays! As we wrap up 2015, I like to take time to review my accomplishments for the year — especially financial ones.  Oftentimes we look at our finances as a constant to-do list, which means it feels like work. There are things to learn (what did my benefits guy say about my insurance coverage again?), bills to pay, retirement to plan for…..oh, and dreaded tax time to deal with.

A tip I’ve learned to make all this work feel more rewarding is to take a moment to think about the major milestones you’ve achieved this year and celebrate them.

Maybe you increased your retirement contributions this year — nice work! Maybe you got closer to saving for the down payment on a house — awesome! Maybe you finally paid off your student loans this year — what an accomplishment!

As for me, I was able to save up enough to support myself so that I could leave my corporate job to start a business that I’m truly passionate about.  It’s been exciting and scary, but every day I get to live out my purpose and help people dream bigger to find financial freedom.

I’d love to hear from you!  Email me and let me know some of the financial milestones you’ve achieved this year.

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