Financial planning isn’t all about saving more and planning for a cushy early retirement. There’s a lot to cover long before you arrive at retirement age.  In their 20s and 30s, many of my clients want help learning about the smart use of debt.  What’s good debt? What’s bad debt? Can I use credit cards to my advantage? And which cards should I choose?

If these are questions you’ve been struggling with, schedule a free consultation with me. Even seemingly simple scenarios that many of us go through like whether to take on debt for a masters degree or how to be financially ready to buy a house don’t have cookie cutter solutions. Your own personal financial situation will impact the answer.

As for credit cards, if you’re interested in some top tips for using and choosing them, check out this article I recently wrote for StartInvestingOnline, called “Why Credit Cards Aren’t Satan (Despite What Dave Ramsey Says)”


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