This is a challenging time for us all.  There’s misinformation everywhere and the news and government responses are changing so fast that it can be too much to keep up with.  If you’re struggling to navigate your finances since being impacted by covid-19, have lost your job, or are worried about income changes in the future, I am offering a free financial planning session to you.

To book a time slot with me, click this link.

Please provide some notes in the comments section about what your biggest concerns are and where you’re looking for help whether it’s budgeting and income, financing, navigating government programs, uneven income streams as a business owner, investing, etc.

I’m not the only one making this offer available. I’m part of a large group of financial advisors from around the country offering free, pro-bono advice to people impacted by the coronavirus as part of the XY Planning Network.  For a full list of participating advisors, click this link.

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