Here are a list of the most-read blog posts from North Financial this year.

Do you work with a full-time fiduciary?

As a consumer it can be difficult to tell from marketing information or an advisor’s website if he or she is, in fact a fiduciary at all times when they are working with you.  The best way to find out is to ask directly to see their fiduciary oath before you sign new paperwork. Mention this tip to friends and family so they can become aware of potential conflicts of interest too. Read the full article here.

21 Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor

If you have a financial planner or advisor, here are some questions to ask the next time you have a meeting to dig deeper into your finances (including to get at the value you’re getting from the advisor).  If you don’t have an advisor, these are some of the types of questions you can expect to discuss in a meeting. Read the full article here.

How to Build a Credit Profile for Your Business

Most small businesses, despite the seemingly constant online discussion about venture funding, funding rounds, buyouts, etc., have to figure out self-funding before they ever get to that point. In order to self-fund you’ll have to rely on some of your own savings as well as credit/lending options. Read more to find out how to build a business credit profile.

Give Every Dollar A Job

Many people I talk to have some savings and they are interested in planning and finding other avenues to save — but a lot of them haven’t really learned about how to make their money work for them. Cash reserves can be killer, read more to find out the solution in part two of a series on financial problems to avoid.

Focus on Financial Autonomy, Not Wealth

How long did you spend planning your last vacation?   Maybe 10-15 hours?    Compare that with financial planning — when was the last time you took that much time to review your retirement strategy and options in your 401k.  Probably never.  Here are some ways to motivate yourself in to spending some time on financial planning.

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