It’s December and we’re taking a moment to look back on what’s changed here at North Financial Advisors in 2021.  Here are my top 5 wins from the year:

  1. For the last 6 years, North Financial Advisors has continued growing to support clients from around the country work toward achieving their life goals.
  2. I recorded and published the audiobook version of, The Resiliency Effect: How to Own Your Adversity to Act on Your Biggest Dreams in my own voice
  3. I completed 27 hours of accredited continuing education — especially in the areas of behavioral finance and ethics in financial planning.
  4. Appeared as a guest on 10 podcasts and Instagram live events this year to talk about my work and my book.
  5. I worked on finding balance in my career and life this year — something that I encourage all my clients to do, too!  A lot of this required me to UNlearn strategies that had kept me on the safe/secure path as opposed to the right path.

Each year, I like to do a review of articles and content I’ve released to see what’s been on top of peoples minds.  With all the talk this year about the “Great Resignation” — the most clicked articles often had to do with topics related to changing jobs or careers, or taking a work break.

In case you missed any of these, here are the Top 6 articles from the year:

I Have a Professional Degree and I’m Successful in my Career — Why are Finances Beyond Me?

Are you frustrated, ashamed or annoyed at the fact that you’re smart, accomplished and well-read, but finances still allude you? You’re not alone. Personal finance isn’t taught at any level of education and unless you happened to have parents who taught this to you. Through no fault of your own, you won’t have as much knowledge of finances as you should. With a bite-sized approach you can start to change this. Here’s how.

How and When to Pay Yourself as an Entrepreneur

Most businesses experience uneven income streams and most have no idea how to plan ahead for that and pay themselves in a predictable way.  It doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. These tips will help you figure out how and when to pay yourself as a business owner and how to adjust your pay as your profit increases.

Ask a Financial Advisor: What Should I Splurge On?

It may seem strange that a financial advisor would advocate for you to go splurge on something – but one of my mottos is “Save First, Spend the Rest.” If we’re taking care of our future self needs, then it’s ok to splurge from time to time. Just make sure that you buy things that make life ridiculously fun. Check out these tips.

How To Build Financial Resilience Into Your Life

The Oxford English Dictionary defines resilience as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.”  During uncertain times like these we all can stand to build more resilience in our lives and our finances.  I know many are wrestling with job insecurity, salary cuts, and we’re all certainly juggling more at home than we ever have in the past.   Here are four specific ways you can work to build financial resilience.

Can I Afford to Quit My Job?

With many businesses asking employees to return to the office (if they haven’t already) lots of us are asking the question — can I continue working from home?  If you’ve hit a dead end with your employer over negotiating return-to-work policies perhaps you’re one of the millions thinking about quitting as part of the so-called “Great Resignation.” I wanted to put together a checklist of things to think about in your budget so you can determine how you can afford it.

How to Take A Sabbatical

Corporate life can be challenging. If you’re burnt out at work and struggling to figure out what your next steps will be, sometimes it’s best to take a pause. Thinking through your goals and good financial planning can help you successfully take a necessary break from work, also known as a sabbatical. Learn from my experience on some steps you can take today that will help make your sabbatical a successful experience.

Hopefully one more more of these articles provides some food for thought.  If you’re looking to take action on hiring a financial advisor this year, I recommend starting with a search on the XY Planning Network find-an-advisor tool, and then doing your own research on the planners fees, specialties, education and focus.   See you in 2021!

Are you considering making a big change with your career in the next year? Let me know what you’d most like to read about in 2022.

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