How to Keep Business Start-up Costs Low

Here’s a secret. The most successful businesses I know spend the least amount of money, especially in their first years. This concept of “you have to spend money to make money” is false. If you control spending early on you’ll become profitable faster. You won’t have to beg for business to cover your expenses and you’ll buy yourself more options down the line to put the right people and services in place to maximize your business when the time is right. Plus, your personal finances will improve too.

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Avoid This Common Business Planning Mistake

Here’s a common scenario I see in business planning:  Before you’ve completed any real market research to validate if your idea would work, you’re thinking about color schemes and names, what your website and logo will look like or where the business will be located.  This is a big mistake because it means you’ll likely spend money and time on an idea that might not work. This is how you prevent it.

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